Paul Comingore

Paul Comingore


About Me

 Paul Comingore was born in Indiana. Paul’s father was a military man whose job depended on his family moving around quite a bit until Paul was in the 5th grade and they decided to settle down. Upon return to Indiana, Paul and his family settled in a small town of about 900 in population. This was where his father grew up in the early 80's and remained living in that small town until he eventually left for college.

Paul Comingore attended Ball State University where he studied architecture. Paul eventually changed his courses and advanced over to developing his interests in the business industry before graduating with his degree.

Paul’s work ethic comes from his life lesson as he worked his way through college. His parents were always there to help him along the way but more importantly, they knew that hard work pays off and this taught Paul valuable life lessons that he carried along with him in his career path.